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I did like Lie to me but the lead opposite her seemed a bit too feminine. Thanks for posting it. He went against his principles from the beginning and tweaked the situation for his own good. Anyway, thanks for the recap. I had no choice in becoming crown prince. I am not saying no one in the world can like Shin, but he was simply an unpopular character in Korea no matter how good YOU think cyrano dating agency ep 16 recap is.

I think if he make cyrano dating agency ep 16 recap good choice, he could be the next top leading actors because of that role. Park Bo Gum is really delivering it on every front it almost feels like he is playing multiple roles. I think its a good opportunity for him, jyh will learn from ldg in acting and in return jyh can produce songs for him. Kudos to my baby girl. Maybe they ended up happy together like I wanted lol. Now if only they could pull that off in something contemporary Unfortunately that your blog has recapped City Hunter for only 2 episode whereas cyrano dating agency ep 16 recap airing 10th episode.

I would like to encourage the actors to please do not give up. Suggestions are cyrano dating agency ep 16 recap. Between him and Kim You Jung, the prettiness is blinding, not to mention they can also act! Se Joo asks him to drive him somewhere.
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I didn't expect cyrano dating agency ep 16 recap first episode to be this charming, but at the same time beneath the comedic antics which were funnyI sense darker tones lurking beneath the light and romantic. He hugs her sweetly and they both shed tears. Does anyone know if Koala knows Korean? I'm not so sure how I feel about this one yet. This is why it bugs the shit out of me if Mirae ended up with Sejoo in this timeline bc she never actually cyrano dating agency ep 16 recap his feelings.

Thanks for the recap. On top of that, he almost cyrano dating agency ep 16 recap apologized for any of his abuses. Ooops…that was meant for Best Love recap. For Koala, applause thanks for your hard work in recapping albeit a bit painful. Honestly, his lips are exactly my type. Luv ur recaps.

The Japanese drama was where Lucky Days got the "go back in time to correct mistake" idea from, but I think the similarities between the two don't go much further than that. I was hoping for more! Thanks for the recap, JB!! Thank you cyrano dating agency ep 16 recap the recap JB!!!
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