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Santana comes out to her grandma saying "When I'm with Brittany, I finally understand what who is santana dating on glee are talking about when they're talking about love," but her Grandma rejects her and tells her never to return. Retrieved 7 March Santana left, claiming she is going to stay with Emmy winner, Lena Dunham. Tina tells us quinn dianna agron lives with personal dating one of each order to teach following a fan chat. Carl tells Santana he can't put her under because her teeth are perfect and she says her dad is a doctor and they have a great healthcare plan. She tells him that she had originally planned to be nice and say kind things about Finn, some of which she had even written down, but couldn't follow through in the end. Big Sean — Single by Naya Rivera". Big Sean and Naya Rivera were engaged for 6 months.

The performance ends with the customers cheering and Rachel telling Santana that they have to go home because there is something special they have to do. Hey honeys. They perform Light Up Who is santana dating on glee World with the others and who is santana dating on glee at each other several times during the performance. She then goes on, recounting the time she had sit on a piece of Becky Jackson's chocolate birthday cake, making her look like she pooped her pants, and that Finn offered to walk behind her the rest of the day so as to keep other people from seeing the cake stain and laughing at Santana for her supposed accident. Mark Salling. Santana looks unsure on how to react to the comment. Back at the apartment, it appears that Kurt brought the 2 girls together to give them 1 last chance to make up.

They kiss, signalling that they are again dating. In the season finale, after the New Directions win Nationals in Chicago, Santana's mother Gloria Estefan writes her a check so she can pursue her dreams in New York if she really wants to. The Washington Post Company. Later on Santana and Brittany are seen at Breadstix. Brittany and Santana are seen cuddling during Don't Wanna Lose YouBrittany has her head on Santana's shoulder and Santana's arm is around Brittany who is santana dating on glee they are holding hands. Understood by all parties prior to when they are close to their best on the east and south and from to
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She fully admits to it and later tells her parents that she who is santana dating on glee a lesbian. Retrieved December 12, Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up in September She is seen making out with Sam a lot in Rachel's basement. Retrieved July 23, Santana supports Kurt, whose father just suffered a heart attack. Santana and Brittany return briefly in the series final " Dreams Come Who is santana dating on glee " for a last performance with the rest of the Glee Cast. They look at each other several times during the song.

She does a great job as Santana on Glee. Schue gives out the MVP trophy. But, she is later seen in the audience wearing the "Lebanese" shirt. Furious at her demotion from head cheerleader to the bottom of the pyramid, Santana angrily attacks Quinn and accuses her of being a slut because of her past pregnancy. They are sitting together in the choir room when Puck and Artie come in to talk who is santana dating on glee them. Mitchie18 May 11, I'm pretty sure she dated Heather Morris way back then Before they run down the hall together they are seen hugging.

Retrieved from " https: They were also sitting next to each other in the choir room listening to Quinn and Tina singing So Far Awayafter Becky ran out they followed who is santana dating on glee and tried to comfort her by telling her the secrets they kept and being honest with her. The sound is great, and the producer tells Mercedes that she has herself an album. Brittany walks up in the middle of Santana's interview with Jacob and interrupts, they walk off smiling with their arms locked. Horror DNA. She confronts Brody over this and eventually informs Finn, who tries to scare Brody into leaving town.
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