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Teri Why are you so mad? Melodrama, Family, Mystery Main Cast: Towards the end he kept pursuing her yes, but at least he was true to himself and his feelings, admitted his faults and tried in his own way to protect those he cnblue members dating about. The saddest thing is their agency produced this stupid drama and this is how they treat him. But goddamn is it the bleakest of stories. Some people here on this site blames his fans for the downfall of this drama.

Another review without The Empress review. You're the best! Her and Sejoo was just forced love, uncomfortable and it was just not cnblue members dating. Shin says Article 5 of the contract says he needs to report the news truthfully. After ep. Shin is on the roof of NTN and thinks about the dad who lost his son and remembers cnblue members dating Mi Rae crying about how they had a son named Gun who died. To each his own. Mei December 22, at 1:

Like, the ratings you can find on Wikipedia are more than accurate. J December 21, at Was it a fun ride full of The Pretty? I really took to the heroine, played by Jo Yeo-jungand her two wacky friends who represent the two extremes of the dating spectrum—a virgin and a cnblue members dating dater.
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The fact that this drama even created so much narrative mess that it could plausibly have an open ending is in itself a sheer joke. DMKO December 21, at 9: During a fan meeting event in Japan held on December 5,Lee announced the release of his first photobook which also included a making-of DVD, poster and cnblue members dating. Dam Yeo Wool Suzy is a master of martial arts and archery. Ohhhh yeah. No, fnc did involve in producing this drama, as co-production with anex telecom and kbs media. So Tae-san tells In-hye to get an abortion and cruelly breaks up with her, then goes off to prison for several years. I dont knw y people are complaining i enjoyed the story for me it was ok. And the swordplayyyyyy.

She decides to delve into the entertainment world and become even more successful than Shang to get back at him. I think it got that label cause it has a similar name to FBRS and came out cnblue members dating the same time. Yonhap News Agency in Korean. Les hahahaha sorry if I bothered you! Hats off to Ms K for hanging on to the end! Who knows…. If you ask me why I continued to watch ….

Reeling from the discovery that he's a father and wanting to do something good for once in his meaningless life, Tae-san agrees to the undergo the surgery, which is scheduled to take place in two weeks. In Decemberthree months prior to the completion of his mandatory military service, Lee signed with talent agency Mask Entertainment. Also, the second lead girl. Kim Sun-ah takes her from timid, mousy wallflower to vibrant, outspoken heroine, and we cheer her on with excitement. So disappointing! Someone whose illness would be apparent to everyone around her in the future even though she would have no clue of it at the time Quick to think on his feet, he's a slacker who doesn't want to inherit the family business. Hope JB will consider doing 2- to 3-part reviews cnblue members dating Brain.
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