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She is doing just great and has been well for a year and a half. I started my lithium again yesterday, and made an appointment to get in with my psych Dr. He is now diagnosed as bi-polar. No matter how strong I think I am, I have days where I just cannot imagine going on any longer. Everyone should know how destructive this affliction can be bipolar dating websites the self image, hopes and dreams of those that choose to live with those afflicted. I value your input and applaud your courage in dealing with this illness. Thank you for posting on this site. He is a little drowsy and having a bit of rapid speech and fast thoughts, but other than that he feels much better.

He slept only 7 hours last night with zyprexa Should I be concerned. His friends believed his lies while he was ill and figured he was just happy to be free of me. It was a truly shocking experience, which has left us both emotionally scarred. The evening before he was hospitalized, he called me continuously for 10 hours, leaving me the most horrendous and cruel text messages. He may be able to bipolar dating websites that out later but right now his brain is not working well enough to do that. He is back in hospital now — police found him after a few weeks of living on the streets.

They are attempting to adjust meds, however they have yet to get the cocktail correct. In the case of diagnosing kids, the doctor may observe their behavior over the course of several visits to get an accurate measure of their behavior. Sorry to be so straight forward. Be good to your self-all of you! You see I do not believe that it is a good idea to offer ECT but at the same time I do not think we nave bipolar dating websites effective medicine to help patients with mania that is not responding well to the therapy.
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Then, he will need bipolar dating websites work with his psychiatrist to find a treatment that works for him. I should feel something at the end of a marraige, but instead of sadness, I feel hope. He told his sister he was only on sleeping bipolar dating websites. I hate this disease! I will forwver love him and feel bad for him but I deserve unconditional love and appreciation for the endless support that I have sacraficed. The brief is hard too.

I am finding recovery to be slow. My wife has had Jekyll and Hyde like behavior over the last decade. This resource has a telephone support line with trained staff, who understand bipolar dating websites various medications, and can offer nutritional support for those experiencing side effects. This one was less severe, hypomanic, and he was put in an outpatient program for a few days. In my experience recovering from a manic episode takes time.

Any suggestions for someone who put all her eggs in one basket and got thrown out with the garbage? Taking pills IS necessary because it may reduce the number of episodes but eventually we must accept there is always a bipolar dating websites of one coming on. I value your input and applaud your courage in dealing with this illness. I think addictive behaviour go well with the bi-polar person — initially. Flash forward to today. July 27, at 7: I wonder if perhaps a medication adjustment would provide more control of the intrusive thoughts?
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